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Become A Contributor!


Do you have a passion for helping others and making a difference in their lives? Do you love to write? Are you looking for exposure to your own blog or website? If you answered ‘yes’ to all of these, then I want to publish your article!

This blog cannot grow without publishing fresh content regularly. Therefore, I welcome other writers to contribute in it’s growth by submitting their own original article on a range of topics that includes: money, business, lifestyle, technology, and entertainment.








You should hear back from me within 2 business days, depending on the number of submissions I receive. I read every submission to ensure only original, high-quality articles are submitted. 

Typically, you’ll receive an email after successful approval or reasons why your article was rejected. But if you don’t hear back from me after 7 business days, assume that it’s been rejected and just resubmit a new one.

Please follow the below rules to ensure your article gets approved.

What Are the Rules?

Note: Please read the below requirements in its entirety. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact me and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you.

To ensure your article gets approved, please follow these requirements:

  • Fill-out all required fields in the form
  • Use a catchy and descriptive headline that will entice readers (For example: Instead of “How to Lose Weight,” say “How to Easily Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days and Enjoy it”)
  • List and controversial articles are always interesting
  • Break-up your articles, so it’s easy to read
  • Write in a friendly tone and focus on your readers’ interests
  • Your article should be at least 700 words and impactful enough to promote sharing
  • Check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors
  • Articles are exclusive to The Superb Life and will not be seen anywhere else
  • Never, ever submit spun or duplicated content; all articles are checked for originality

That’s it!

7 Reasons Why You Should Become A Contributor:

1) Do Follow Links

You are allowed three (3) do follow links in your articles. One for your author URL, which is asked in the form, and the other two within your content.

2) Affiliate Links

This is your main source of income from this site. Although you’re not allowed to add your own contextual advertisements, I do allow up to two (2) affiliate links. Just remember, for this to be effective, your article must be full of quality content and not seem like you’re selling to your readers.

3) Traffic to Your Blog or Website

This site is growing every day. Get maximum exposure to your own personal content by writing for this site. Additionally, when people read your content and see your author box, they’ll want to know more about you and your site. And if your article really makes an impact in their lives, they’ll be motivated to share it with others, garnering more exposure for you.Tip: Make sure you have a catchy headline, so that readers will want to continue reading your article.

4) Featured Posts

Whenever your article gets approved, it automatically goes straight to the front page. Hint: This blog receives the most traffic in the front page.

5) Social Media

All approved articles will be shared on my social media accounts.

6) The Superb Life Podcast

I will feature and read your article(s) in my podcast episodes for even more exposure. *Still in development

7) Making an Impact

If we can make a difference by adding a little bit of awesomeness to people’s lives, that alone is priceless.

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