Wedding Planning: Pre-wedding mistakes couples never admit

We all want to have that “perfect” dream wedding yet a lot of couples still do the mistakes… oftentimes they never admit it even to themselves. Don’t get me wrong, ladies and gentlemen. I am a huge fan of weddings and I have been dreaming of my entire life to get wed.

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Pre-Wedding Mistakes Couples Never Admit

Wedding is one of the most beautiful event that will ever happen to one’s life. It is a heartwarming celebration to celebrate with your family and friends. Of course, it is the beginning of a new chapter for newly wedded couples.

On this big day, Everyone wants make every moment so special. However, most couples still do some annoying things which can possibly ruin their wedding day celebration. Here are 8 common mistakes you can avoid on pre-wedding activities and planning.

1. Couples plan their wedding way too soon.

Some couples, especially in the Philippines, are rushing through their wedding day within a three-month basis. From entourage to reception, everything are set in a hurry. At the end, it may cause some technical problems. Or the desired schedule is postponed more than once.

Planning your wedding at least one year can give enough time to do different tasks. This includes the booking for the venue of the entourage and the reception, looking for the officiant, purchasing of the bride’s gown and the groom’s tuxedo and booking of a particular catering services if you desire. Is it too early? It is a lot better to plan ahead so you will have lesser problems in the future.

Setting a deadline will help you do all the tasks smoothly in your timeline. Write a time frame on what to do next on your journal or personal planner. In that way, you have lesser worries in remembering things ahead.

Lastly, hiring a professional wedding planner and organizer can help with the pre-wedding planning. Is this important? The answer is YES. Having a professional at your side can help you all throughout pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding activities. Roughly, they have connections to several photographers, caterers, florists and even makeup artists who are in need.

2. No entourage rehearsal done before the wedding proper.

It is an important pre-wedding activity a couple must organize especially during the marriage ceremony. Having a smooth flow of the program lessens the pain of the organizer and the soon-to-be-wed themselves. Of course, the entourage is the center of all the activities during the day, not the party.

If you are having a Catholic wedding, for an example, ask the church adviser or the parish priest of your local church to give you guidance on what is happening during the marriage ceremony. If possible, set a rehearsal date at the church with a short introduction from the priest himself. Moreover, invite everyone to be present during the entourage. If some of them are not from the same religion as yours, then inviting them at the rehearsal will help understand the whole ceremony as well as the religion itself.

Be open to ideas and guidelines of your marriage ceremonies for a memorable wedding day.

3. Not giving enough details to bridesmaids on what to do before, during and after the wedding.

Some brides skip this part. However, it is also important to give even few important details to bridesmaids, whether or not they are doing it the first time. Bridesmaids need initiate asking the bride but giving some few details can actually help.

Make them updated to pre-wedding activities. In this manner, the bridesmaid will have an idea what is going on. Also, this will make them feel a little bit involve in the wedding, not just walk through the aisle and smile. However, making a list of do’s and dont’s will only make them pissed off. You do not want them to turn down the role, do you?

The second mistake is not telling who are the other bridesmaids and how many are they especially if mostly are not known to each other. You may think this is not necessary but actually it does! This will make the bridesmaids feel awkward when they will meet the first time. Make an appointment to each bridesmaid and have a small dinner at a local restaurant or coffee shop like Starbucks. In this manner, it will the lessen the awkwardness and they will bond like you will likely want. This is also the maid-of-honor’s task.

Last but not the least, brides sometimes do not tell their bridesmaids what to wear as early as possible. This is the most annoying and the most frustrating thing a bridesmaid can feel. Specify what type and color of gown to wear, what color of shoes and how long the heels will be. If all the gowns are all in the same design, ask your bridesmaids to make a gown fitting at the tailoring station you prefer.

4. Bride being a ticking time bomb.

Many brides are stressing themselves out to have a special and “prefect” day. They put too much pressure on themselves. They also intend to be little bit crazy even to the smallest details like napkin’s color or the place card’s font.

Ladies, please calm down. Everyone knows how excited and nervous you are for your wedding day. Also, you are not the only one who has those problems — all engaged women do! Being a bride is pretty challenging but it is not good to mess up.

All you need to have a little time to relax and relieve from stress. Indulge in a spa or read a book. You can also have short walks with your fiance. Make most of the time of your engagement enjoyable rather that miserable.

5. Groom “does not” want get involved with the planning.

When the groom says “Do whatever you want” — which the bride mistakenly implies as “I do not care about planning” — he actually says “DO WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY.” If you think the groom does not care, then you are totally wrong! Of course, your fiance cares because it is also his day, his wedding day. Do not forget that it is the union of two to become one.

Give him tasks which he are not awkward for his gender preference like the type of music, the kind of food, booking of officiant, etc. Doing so can stop your man being totally “shutdown”. If he volunteers to do something for you and for the wedding, let him do it. Never to worry because he is not going to ruin the most important event in his life.

6. Cut down expenses or overspend?

If you have stumbled with this question and torn between the two options, do not choose either of the two. You should and must stick with your budget plan. Cutting down expenses may not be helping because you cannot avail the important things needed for your wedding. But dropping an item or trading with something cheaper and same quality can be a good option. Overspending is extremely not helping. You do not want to end up broke after your dream wedding.

Sit down and settle things up with your fiance. Think ahead and wisely. If you still need to buy a car or a house or pay your bills, you should really stick with your wedding budget. Period.

7. Freaked out with unprepared situations.

Even we are not yet on the stage of getting married, we tend to freak out with unprepared moments. However, unprepared situations during your wedding will mess up everything. One example of the unprepared situation is when your ring bearer, who will be a young little kid, is having tantrums and he throw the ring container with the rings on it elsewhere. Not only you but everyone will freak out if that happens. Another catastrophe is when the best man or the maid of honor did show during the wedding. It will be a pain the neck and will also ruin the wedding.

But hey! You can avoid them. All you have to do is to ask your wedding organizer if there are unexpected things that happened to their previous wedding organization. You may also ask your parents or your fiance’s/fiancee’s parents or any other married couples.

Then on a piece of paper, gather all the information you have a select at least ten things that usually mess up the wedding. Formulate a solution to each problem with your partner. This will help avoid disasters and you have a peaceful mind for your wedding.

Oh! The groom or the bride ran away? That is another issue.

8. Inviting too many people at your wedding.

You will be so excited to announce the world about your engagement and upcoming wedding then intend to invite a ton of people at your wedding, especially at the reception. Hold on for a minute. Inviting too many people other than your closest friends and family can cause overspending. You will pay food, services, number of plates and seats. You do not want to end up broke, do you?

Make a guest list. List all the number of people you want to attend at your wedding. It is preferable to invite only your friends and family members. In that way, the wedding will be celebrated in more personal manner.

Send RSVP along with the invitation. RSVP will be their reply waiver whether they are or are not coming. This will also help how many people will come for the budgeting. Be sure to make a deadline when will they send the RSVP.

Having your dream come true is such overwhelming. You will marry the love of your life and live together happily ever after. Wedding is a once in a lifetime experience. Stop stressing yourselves out and relax. Everything will be fine as long as you planned it the way you wanted it to be.

Enjoy your wedding!

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