How to Turn Your Mistake Into An Invention

Have you ever heard of the saying that when a tailor makes a mistake it becomes a design?

Well, I made a funny discovery last night from our washing machine.

Heaps of clothes pile up on a daily basis as is usual when you have small children. They can use several clothes in 24 hours as clothes are often soiled either from eating or playing.

Did I mention that my the younger daughter hates bibs with a passion? She thinks that it stops her from enjoying her meals and quickly pulls it off her neck. That means new clothes for each meal. Multiply that with the number of times children under three years eat in a day times two kids then you know how much clothes dirty we have on a daily basis.

Of course, there is a washing machine to help me here but I cannot be wash everyday. Apart from the fact that the poor machine could be damaged faster, the cost of detergents, electricity and water are also to be considered.

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