The Future, and Controlling it

What is your future? How do we predict or control the future?

We ask these thing on a daily basis. We are constantly wondering and preparing for our future. I always wonder though, what is the future?

I like to say that there is two days out of the year that you have no control over, yesterday and tomorrow. I had a long year this year trying to get over things in the past, I did and I feel great however now I’m battling getting over the future. What’s going to happen? What is meant to be? How do we control it and what should we expect.

My plans for the future have changed so many times in just the blink of an eye. Months went into planning for it to go to ground zero and I had no choice but to rebuild. None of which was in my control. So again, we ask ourselves, what is the future?

The future to me does not exist, I will explain why. There is only the present, it is a gift. We are currently only living in the now. As each and every moment passes the only thing that remains is the now. Two seconds ago just became the past and what I thought the future would be in 5 seconds just became my present. Key idea there is the word “thought”. I am sitting in a motel in Manitoba, Canada and not much is planned today. I have no cell service and no plans as I await documents to be legally able to cross the boarder with a horse. In 5 seconds I predict to still be sitting here typing as my trip companion works on his computer. My predictions for my 5 second future came true. So to my knowledge the future is simply an idea we put into action. There is no evidence of the future and definitely no guarantees.

Our ideas for a year from now or five years from now are what we rationalize in our minds to be realistic therefore causing what we predict to come true with a few changes here and there caused by uncontrollable or unfortunate events. To break it down the future is only what we think and plan based on what is in our minds as realistic and achievable. Well if some of you are familiar with the law of attraction and the secret, I often wonder why we settle for what we currently think is realistic or easily achievable, why not go all out?

We doubt. We doubt we can make major changes in little time or we base what has happened in our past to set what could be our “future”. But if the future is only our thoughts going into action then why don’t we shoot for the stars? Why should I think that in the next month I will make $1,000 instead of $5,000? Anything can happen. We have constant reminders of this, so why should my thoughts settle?

Try it. Think of something you would want for your “future” and put that to the test. The key is not to doubt. The second you find no results and start to doubt, you just set yourself up for failure. Now you have the attitude to only support what is currently realistic and achievable. You need to believe that  what you want is going to happen. You need to feel the money, the love, the fame coming in. Don’t aim too high at first but do aim out of the ordinary. I have put this to the test and it has worked. The funny thing is is that I barely noticed. A major life changing opportunity came my way. Later I realized that it was exactly what I dreamed of. I had to let it process because that is exactly what it was, a dream, but I thought of it so much that it came my way, and no, it wasn’t in my plans.

One aspect of this experiment is taking opportunities when you see them as brining you closer to your new future. You are going to dream big. You are not going to doubt and the universe, or energy, or God, or whatever you may believe in is going to respond with opportunities to get you there. Make sure you don’t pass on these gateways, this is all part of the plan. Key point is to stay positive and don’t stop believing, seriously. Journey may be running through your head but the funny thing is is that it’s completely true.

So bottom line is is that the future does not exist yet, we only live in the present. When the “future” arrives it is still considered the present. Therefore the future is what you plan on your calendar or what you predict will happen. So take advantage of this and get creative. Believe in yourself and your powers and aim bigger than just a routine trip to the doctors or a normal paycheck. Stay positive and don’t give up and when an opportunity to lead you in the right direction comes across, take it and run! You are on your way, the future is in your control with the energy you put out, nothing can be created nor destroyed. I cannot even make dust. It must come from a tree burning then the ash travels via wind, absolutely nothing can be made of thin air, it is all energy, it is all connected. Use that energy to make your “future” a better reality in due time. You won’t be sorry you did!

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