When We Lack Self Esteem, We Accept Disrespect


Fighting for breath, I laid on my bathroom floor wondering why do I let him hurt me like this. This moment in time is etched in my memory. He, my first husband, almost killed me that day. The bruises on my neck where his hands squeezed took forever to fade. Still, I stayed for 6 more months and too many bruises to count.

What finally caused me to leave? It wasn’t because I felt I deserved better. He hit me with my daughter in my arms and I knew she deserved better. Throughout the years, I have continually allowed others to mistreat me in many ways. Why? Because I felt that I was not worth anything different. My self esteem was so low that I could not begin to expect any better.

Many People Could Benefit From Raising Self Esteem

This problem is not mine alone. Millions of people lack faith in their own self worth. They believe that they are worthless so they refuse to take a stand when it is needed. It is time for us to stand up. We don’t have to take it anymore. I am not worthless and neither are you.

Everyone deserves to feel safe, loved, and cherished by those they love. We all have the right to be happy. Not one person in this world deserves to be treated badly. We just need to learn to value ourselves.

Building Self Esteem is a Personal Journey

As there are millions of ways that our self esteem is diminished. There are, also, many ways in order to change this. However, we are the only ones that can do this. Unfortunately, nobody can “make” a person feel better about themselves. There is not “magic” pill to fix our negative viewpoints of ourselves. This is a journey that every individual must take themselves.

We must learn how to, not only, hope for the best but to expect it. Demanding that people treat you fairly does not make you a bad person. In fact, it helps others to be better individuals. People will treat others as they allow them to treat them. When you accept nothing less than being treated with respect, most of the people around you will be happy to give it to you. As for those that refuse to, that is their problem. You do not have to accept it. You always have the choice to not be around those that treat you wrong.

I Am Not Worthless and Neither Are You

It has been a long battle. I came close to ending it all. However,  I have come to realize my own worth. I am worthy of being loved. I am worthy of being respected. I deserve the right to be happy. No one will ever be allowed to hurt me, take me for granted, or cause me to doubt my own value in the world again.

You, also, deserve to be happy. Respect is something you are worthy of. Take the time and find a way to have faith in your own self. Do not let others walk all over you. Never allow anyone to hurt you or cause you to believe you are worthless. Remember, you must love yourself first. Otherwise, you do a disservice to, not only, yourself but to those that love you, as well.

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