If You Fail, Don’t Freeze!!


Have you watched the movie Rambo? How about the hit movie Rocky who took the movie industry by storm during 70’s? Or have you seen the Expendables who had a powerhouse cast? If you have, then you probably knew the main guy on those movies. The man that I am talking about is Sylvester Stallone (Stallone is a famous actor, producer, and director). But before he became what he is today he had first a very tough jump start, let me tell you his story.

Sylvester Stallone was born poor, very poor he was not born in the hospital he was not even born in their house but he was born in a school’s steps. When Stallone was growing up as a young man he had only one dream in his life and that was to become an actor. Unknown to some of us Stallone was born paralyzed in the lower part of his face that caused him to have a speech defect not to mention his speech was slurred that’s why he talks with less clarity (imagine a person who talks while his mouth full of marshmallows). Normally if you have that condition and you dreamed to become an actor it is almost like catching lightning with your bare hands. But he was so determined to become an actor, when he came to New York City to apply for an acting job nobody wanted to hire him because of his physical condition. At one point, he went three weeks sleeping at the bus terminal since he was so broke and depressed.

You know what Stallone did? He wrote his own movie script and sells it to movie producers under one condition he must be the main character on that movie but again nobody was interested. He receives rejection after rejection after rejection, but finally there was this one producer that liked his script and wanted to buy the script for $75,000 but on the condition they will get another actor for that movie. Stallone, without second thought said NO to the producer and left the building.

My dear friends I want you to understand the situation of Stallone at that point, He was so poor that he could not pay his electric bill, he had to sell his dog for $50 just to pay his electric bill and to have food on his table and now someone offered him$75,000 for his script but Stallone was so determined to become an actor that he had to say NO to the offer. If you were Stallone what would you do? You’re poor, you’re hungry, and you need money. Would you accept the money and call it day? Think about it.

From there, the producer offered him again and said they are upping the prize to $375,000 but under same condition and guess what Stallone said NO again and he walked away. He walked away hungry he walked away poor and he was leaving $375,000 on that table because of a dream of becoming an actor. Finally, after a few weeks the producer calls him again and said they give-in they will buy the script for $35,000 and they will let him act as main actor on that movie. You know what Stallone did? When he receives the money he bought his old dog again and paid $15, 000 just to have his dog back.

My dear friends that movie which Stallone played and wrote the script was Rocky 1, it made $200 Million and on that year the movie receive 10 Academy Awards nominations including Best Actor and Best Picture of the Year.

When I heard the story of Stallone it taught me three things.

First, respect the process

When nothing is happening in your life believe that failure is also part of the process. God works in ways we cannot see. If you experience failure every time you try, don’t lose hope because your road to success is under construction by God. What He’s doing is that He is changing your mind-set, He is changing your attitude, and He is changing your heart. God is redefining your purpose and He is helping you going through that process and in the right time when you are prepared and ready you will be flourished and become successful.

Second, be consistently aggressive

It’s not about aggressive personality, neither pushy nor aggressive temperament but what I am talking about is being aggressive about the dreams in your life that when it comes to your dreams you will ram a brick wall. Aggressiveness is about being bold and determine towards achieving your dreams despite of rejections, failures, difficulties that may hinder you.

Third, don’t barter permanent things with temporary things

Money is important no one can deny it. Having a lot of money can make you rich, buy new clothes or buy anything you want as long as you can afford. But when you spent it or unfortunately someone robbed it from you it’s gone. That’s because money is temporary. But when you pursue your dreams and once you achieved it. You can become successful, something that cannot be stolen from you. That’s because it is permanent. Dreams that are achieved are more precious than silver or gold and it shines brighter like a diamond.

Things for you to think about:

Sometimes we are too quick to judge isolated situation and label it as failure. When we failed we gave up, we stop right there, we raise the white flag. The pain from our failures makes us judge the situation, but we must see the bigger picture by changing our perspective on failure. Failure is inevitable, failure is part of the process, when you want to become successful prepare to fail and don’t be surprise when it hits you. Failure is part of our lives and it is up to you how you deal with it along the way.

If you fail, don’t freeze because if you do it ends there. Don’t allow yourself to be arrested by your failure. Like Stallone, he did not freeze despite of failures.

As always thanks for reading, God bless us all!


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