A Quick Devotion for You


I have written in great detail about the power of devotion to change ones reality. I have used it in my own life to complete the things that are most important to me; things that, without sufficient devotion, would never come to pass. But, it was only recently that I fully understood the true significance and power of what devotion is really all about. It is written that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Oftentimes, the lessons can be very painful to receive—I’m just thankful I had the resolve to do so.

Everyone who flows into your life, no matter how incidental it may at first seem, does so at just the right moment to teach you something. This happened to me recently, and the thing I needed to learn is the deeper meaning, the true meaning, behind devotion. Out of respect for those involved, I shall only share the lesson learned and not the details behind the experience. True devotion is a very personal and private matter.

The degree of devotion I witnesses is of a very rare and sacred variety—one that breaks all barriers. I had the privilege to see for myself the affect of true devotion one person has for another (be it spouse or family member in need), and to truly understand the driving force behind it. The quality that defines true devotion is unconditional love—the type of love that can withstand any circumstance and overcome any tragedy—one that knows no limitation, even beyond life itself.

There is tremendous power in love. To love someone, and be loved by someone, with unconditional devotion is a very rare quality to see. If you are ever fortunate enough to find this, even once in your lifetime, it would be an honored gift—one in which no one is ever truly deserving of. This type of devotion, this true love, between two individuals is a gift from God, and one of the most powerful forces in nature. Love between two (how I refer to in my second book, Going Deeper) activates the alchemical process of conjunction; where one plus one becomes much more than two, and if you’re fortunate to find someone to complete you in this way, the union is sufficient to move mountains. I want to thank my anonymous teacher for showing me the deeper truth behind what I have written so much about. I now fully understand what Turgenev meant when he prayed his simple prayer: “Lord make it so that twice two be not four.”

Devotion is the key behind acceptance, and it’s only through unconditional love that you’re allowed to make your dreams come true. You can’t snatch it from life but just stay deserving and, hopefully, it will eventually come for you. There is, however, a shadow side to devotion that must be understood—we must be able to release the things we hold dearest in order to truly have. The moment you try to control it, you will be controlled by it, and eventually lose it.

My message to myself: When man can free himself from all feelings of “want,” he will no longer experience the lack of anything—much easier said than done. My teacher once asked me to offer council at any time. The only suggestion I can possibly share is this: Don’t allow the circumstances of life to paralyze you. You can maintain devotion and truly live all within the same breath.

It was an honor to know you, and I will never forget you.
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Doug Burnett is author of (2) non-traditional spiritual books: A Light In The Dark-Peeling Back Perception to Uncover the Truth & Going Deeper-Activating Your Spiritual Alchemy.