Crickets That Sound Like Angels?

Jim Wilson created a recording of crickets decades ago that sounds like a choir of angelic voices singing out in praise. Wilson said he recorded the crickets outside his home and then using his fancy equipment slowed down the sound of the crickets (that live a very short life) to the equivalent of the average human life span.  The sound that was produced was breath-taking, if you have not heard it watch the video below.

This recording has continued to be a popular discussion of controversy for those that come across it. There are many for and against the validity of the claim made by Wilson. If you were to Google this topic you would see thousands of comments either for or against the recording. It seems irrelevant as to whether he was honest or deceitful in his production of the sound track, one either likes it or they don’t. One thing is for sure, Wilson found an avenue into the discussion of others even after his death. The largest controversy is over HOW he did it. there are some out there that are skilled with the equipment that he used and have a hard time fathoming just exactly how Wilson came up with the sound.

In Wilson’s own words to the “how” he is quoted saying, “The sound you hear on this recording began as an actual live recording of crickets singing in the night. I discovered that when I slowed down this recording to various levels, this simple familiar sound began to morph into something very mystic and complex…almost human.”

Last December there was a re-surge in discussion of whether Wilson’s sound track was legit or not. On one Facebook page over 1 million people discussed this topic for a few weeks. It was interesting to see how split the crowds are. Some are completely adamant that this recording is a hoax while others are so certain that Wilson was brilliant for coming up with the amazing sound that it must be real. It seems from Wilson’s quote above that he wasn’t a straight forward in describing his approach to making the sound as some have claimed.

A comment from TrumpilyBumpily on November 23, 2013 on the Amazon product page:It seems to me that some people think all that has been done to the recording is that it’s slowed down. I don’t think it’s so simple. The composer probably layered and worked with the sounds in such a way that it sounds like music.

Another comment bE. Bennett on November 23, 2013on the same Amazon Page:
Please do your math & research before dumping on someone’s really quite remarkable discovery.

Before Wilson passed in 2012 he awarded publishing rights to TIFPublishing to take the short track and create a thirty minute cd. The Publishing company had been allowed to use a short clip on another cd it produces and the publishing companies clients constantly requested a cd with just the crickets. To the satisfaction of many Wilson awarded the rights and the company has been selling thousands of these cd all over the world ever since.

If you are one that likes the sound and would like a longer version of the clip shown below you will be happy to discover there is a thirty minute recording on cd that can be purchased off of Amazon as well as this website TIFPublishing.

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