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9 Unknown Secrets on How to Hire A Great Wedding DJ

By Warren / August 9, 2016

The most important part in a wedding reception is the music. A wedding DJ can either make or break a wedding ceremony. One may think finding a DJ is a simple task — a lot of decisions have to be made thus making the whole …Read More


Crickets That Sound Like Angels?

By Ishaya / October 28, 2014

Jim Wilson created a recording of crickets decades ago that sounds like a choir of angelic voices singing out in praise. Wilson said he recorded the crickets outside his home and then using his fancy equipment slowed down the sound of the crickets (that live …Read More


How Music Affects On Our Brain?

By abderrhman rhouddani / August 27, 2014

How Music Affects on our brain? I’m a gigantic lover of music and use it a significant measure when working, notwithstanding I had no idea about how it genuinely impacts our brains and bodies. Music is such a gigantic bit of our lives, and we react …Read More