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Work life Balance; Why You Should Have It

By catherine vanvonno / June 17, 2016

  A few years ago I was amused to see this post on my Facebook wall. It was a picture of a chic, artsy café. Inside a handwritten sign said: We DON’T have Wi-Fi. Talk to each other!!! At that time it seemed every restaurant and public …Read More


Being Unproductive in the Workplace – A Reality Check

By Warren / February 20, 2015

Most of us have done this at one point (or more) in our careers — being unproductive. We surf the internet or look at our Facebook and Twitter updates, when we should be working instead. Dare I say that there are some of you, who would take …Read More


How to Become a Better Writer 

By Warren / July 31, 2014

Writing is one of the most difficult aspects of blogging; which is why a lot of bloggers occasionally use “ghost writers” to write their content for them. Unfortunately, this is not always the best strategy to build your blog. If you want to maintain the …Read More


Employee Strategies: How to Become Better at What You Do

By Mike / July 17, 2014

If you’re an employee, you know every detail of your job description entails offering competent services to your employer. However, if you are the kind that co-workers often complain about and would rather work without you, or the one that never gets compliments for work …Read More