Being Unproductive in the Workplace – A Reality Check

Most of us have done this at one point (or more) in our careers — being unproductive.

We surf the internet or look at our Facebook and Twitter updates, when we should be working instead. Dare I say that there are some of you, who would take the risk to look at porn in the workplace as well.

Either way, many unrelated work activities are one of the reasons why businesses are not performing well and why the work load never seems to end.

Below is an infographic, from, showing you the severity of the situation:

Wasted Time in the Workplace - Infographic
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  • Thank you for sharing the infographic, Warren!

    How you do you stay productive?

    – Carlo

    • Hey Carlo,

      No problem. For me, it’s hard to be productive without a set schedule. With all my projects, being organized and sticking to my schedule is the best way to ensure I don’t get distracted.

      Keep inspiring,

  • As social media is very important in my work, I admit I do utilize it alot. However, as a freelance writer, it is my job to post and even read feeds, networking is important.i do set a time limit for this though. At various times of the day,I will get on one of the many and read feeds for 15 minutes, keeping track of blogs and journals to visit later.