How to Become a Better Writer 

Writing is one of the most difficult aspects of blogging; which is why a lot of bloggers occasionally use “ghost writers” to write their content for them. Unfortunately, this is not always the best strategy to build your blog. If you want to maintain the quality of your blog, then you have to write the posts yourself.

This is because writing for its own sake is not writing at all; but just another type of marketing that a lot of readers may not connect with. You have a certain style that your readers are accustomed to. If you constantly hire others to write for you, then eventually, you’ll lose your own “voice”. This is still your blog after all.

Additionally, you don’t grow as a writer. So if you want to have an easier time writing content for your blog, here are some tips to help make the process a little easier.

Create a Writing Strategy

As a writer, you have the luxury to be as a creative as possible; but if you want to write effectively and efficiently, it’s important to have a good strategy in place. This is why it’s important to establish certain protocols when writing each blog post.

For example, when writing a 500-word article, you can spend about 15 to 30 minutes on research, 1 to 2 hours for writing, and another 15 to 30 minutes on editing. Make sure you edit your work though! I can’t stress that enough.

Having a schedule in place will not only ensure you stay productive, but it will also allow you to become more efficient over time. I also advise that you bookmark sites that you often use as reference; or any online tools that help in your writing. It’s all about being organized and working smarter, not harder.

Check Word Count

When it comes to writing, sticking to a particular word count can make your job a lot easier and may help you enjoy being a writer. Most people can only write a certain number of words per day; which means that if you can only write about a thousand words per day then use that word count when writing your blog posts. It’s natural, and it’s feasible.

Also, people who read blogs generally prefer short but useful content that gets straight to the point, which means that writing concise blog posts is a lot better than writing long essays that no one really wants to read.

Consider How Much Effort You want to Invest in Each Post or Article

Writing may seem easy, but it actually requires a lot of work. It requires research, editing and usually a lot of brain storming. This is why it’s important for inexperienced writers not to invest too much work on a particular article. It will just tire them out and prevent them from working on other blog related projects. For example, over-editing a blog post will only make your job more complicated than it needs to be. Likewise, if you’re fond of citing sources, don’t use more than five per blog post as it only makes everything needlessly more complicated. Keep things simple and you’ll be able to get more things done.

Avoid Procrastination

One of the biggest challenges of writing is resisting the urge to do other things while writing. This is particularly true when you’re prone to opening other sites while writing or researching a particular topic. For example, a few minutes spent watching a YouTube video or updating your Facebook page may not seem like a big issue, but these kinds of activities will only make you work slower, and before you know it, you’ve wasted a substantial amount of time. The internet certainly has a lot of distractions, which is why it’s important that you avoid them if you want to write more efficiently.

Don’t Be Afraid to Share Articles from Other Sites

If you’re running out of ideas for you blog, then you should consider linking articles from other sites. Sometimes, commenting about the latest news or writing about the opinions of other bloggers is not only a great way to generate new content, but it’s also a great way to network. Just make sure you don’t forget to credit the writer and inform him or her that you referenced their article in your blog. Not only will they appreciate that you shared their article, but you’re also establishing relationships to improve your blog and build new readers.

Linking to other articles also helps broaden your perspective and allows you to cover issues that you normally aren’t aware of. For example, posting a snippet of a controversial news item or article will allow you to post a review of the subject; and at the same time, provide some interesting commentary that may interest your regular readers.

Avoid Marketing

If you want to be a better writer or blogger then avoid marketing, or at least don’t do it overtly. People on the internet despise sales and are allergic to anything that has a price tag. This is particularly true for blogs, and if you get the urge to promote this or that product on your posts then you need to stop immediately. There’s nothing wrong in making a reference or two, but writing is ultimately about generating value through content. This even applies to reviews, because at the end of the day, people visit blogs to serve their interests, and not because they want to buy products. That’s what Amazon is for.

Follow the Example of Successful Online Writers

If all else fails, follow those who have succeeded. There are plenty of successful online writers, bloggers and internet marketers, so if you can’t make it on your own, look at how the pros do it and do what they do. There are writers for every type of niche, and if you happen to share a blogging niche with one of them then go see which posts of theirs are successful and copy their writing tactics. Not only will they help you become a better writer, they might even give you a few pointers about blogging and internet marketing.

Concluding Reminders

There are many ways to become a better writer, just as there are plenty of ways to be a better blogger. Since these two things are related to each other, it almost goes without saying that being a better writer also means being a better blogger. However, what’s really important about writing is that it provides value. People who visit blogs expect that value and they will only pay attention to what you write if you can demonstrate that you have the means to provide said value. So perhaps the most important lesson in becoming a better blogger/writer is to simply give your audience content that is valuable to them. This is the secret of many great bloggers, and certainly one of the leading factors in their success.

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