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Kaye Harrison

I am a single 47 year old mother that has started using writing as my way to understand life. I can only hope that my experiences can and will help others on my parallel path. I am told constantly by men that women should come with a manual. I do!!!


Sadness Nor Depression Is a Weakness

By Kaye Harrison / November 25, 2014

Sadness Nor Depression Is a Weakness… We all face and deal with sadness in different ways during different aspects of our lives. So if you are sad, are you weak? Or are you just strong enough to show you’re sad? We all want positive …Read More


Difficulties Dealing with Addiction

By Kaye Harrison / August 13, 2014

Addiction… There has always been the question whether addiction is due to nurture vs nature. It has been debated one over the other for years. No one wants to admit the other one is right, because both sides say they have supporting scientific evidence that they …Read More


I’m Perfect…Are you?

By Kaye Harrison / August 11, 2014

I’m Perfect. Are You? What is perfection? Why do I feel the need to be perfect in everything I do? The definition for perfect is having all the required or desired elements as good as it is possible to be. We all know perfection is unattainable. So …Read More