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Quirky Grandma aka Susan Kinchen is a mother turned writer with a background in family, IT, and customer service and a passion for growing as an individual. She is dedicated to improving herself, gaining self-confidence and helping others do the same through an amazing journey of life.

She does this on her blog Self Improvement by Quirky Grandma. In addition, she continues this passion with contributorships with various blogs and journals; such as, The Superb Life and other freelance writing  jobs. Quirky Grandma has, also, written and/or self-published several Amazon eBooks; including, POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS and Love the Person You See in the Mirror.


When We Lack Self Esteem, We Accept Disrespect

By QuirkyGrandma / September 30, 2015

Fighting for breath, I laid on my bathroom floor wondering why do I let him hurt me like this. This moment in time is etched in my memory. He, my first husband, almost killed me that day. The bruises on my neck where his hands squeezed …Read More