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I am a Traveler, and Adventurer, and Athlete, I am in love with all foods and and obsessed with growing my hair out. I hate the cold and am constantly trying to stay as warm as possible. I hope you enjoy my musings about living a fun and healthy lifestyle! Follow me on Instagram @ktviv88


Oh Hello Incredible Hair I Have Wanted For Oh So Long

By Catherine / October 15, 2014

Recently I have become something of the Instagram shopper, some may call me “obsessive”, which is probably accurate based on the why I go about my shopping is not the normal, “Oh I like that top, let me follow the store it came from” No …Read More


Travel To Europe Without Having To Sell A Kidney

By Catherine / September 17, 2014

I am a wanderlust gypsy. If I could somehow make a living traveling the world, I would. I would gladly give up having a permanent address, and a “home” if it meant I could see every corner of the earth, maybe even take a trip …Read More