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I'm a stay at home mom, besides being a speculative fiction author. I'm waiting to publish my trilogy, hopefully by next month end. I also do creative writing and freelance editorial work. I write under the pseudonym Katyayani Chowdhry. I'm also a regular once-in- ten days blogger at the Speaking Tree, please visit this link to find my blogs. http://www.speakingtree.in/public/katyayanichowdhry/blog


10 Positive Ways to Live The Superb Life

By katyayani / August 3, 2016

GOOD MORNING! It’s gloriously sunny outside or dreadfully dark and cold, or perhaps even wet wild and gloomy. But, we’ve woken up to a brand new day, one we haven’t met before and the possibilities are endless! Smile! And make a resolution just for today. I will start and end …Read More