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The art of adornment in terms of us humans goes back to the primitive times when man used stones, bones, shells, beads, flowers and carved wood for adorning their bodies. Later on, as times advanced, man began to use semi-precious stones and metals for decoration. India has a rich heritage when it comes to jewelry. Indian jewelry is probably as old as the Indian civilization itself! After all, there is evidence that Indians used to wear extensive jewelry during the Indus Valley civilization times. Also, sculptures in the Ajanta caves also reveal that Indians, irrespective of their caste and social status, loved to wear jewelry. Even epics such as the Mahabharata and the Ramayana point out the cornucopia of use of Indian jewelry.

Jewelry in India is not just an adornment, but also a source of protection against negative vibes and evil forces. Individuals consult astrologists for recommendations from among the Navaratna, or nine gems, each of which is sacred to a planet in our solar system. These gems are used as talismans that help protect the wearer. Of course, jewelry in India is also a means of putting by savings. The most common form of jewelry in India would be gold jewelry. These are commonly used as gifts. Due to its liquidity, Indian gold jewelry provide financial security to women as they can sell them in times of need and obtain the much needed finance out of it.
Indian gold jewelry-thesuperblife.comThe love for gold jewelry in India is quite strong and widespread as this metal is considered to be a storehouse of value. In fact, metals such as silver and bronze also take a back seat when it comes to metals for creating jewelry. According to a recent survey, India consumes over 500 tonnes of gold annually on an average and 80% of this points to the jewelry industry. In fact, rural India is responsible for close to 70% of the Indian gold consumption. As far as Indian gold jewelry is concerned, 22 carat is the standard choice whereas internationally, gold jewelry of 18 or 14 carats are usually preferred by consumers.

In case of the Indian economy, the gems and jewelry industry play a very important role. As far as demand and supply for gold are concerned, the situation in India is unique. This market has the potential to grow significantly in the upcoming years. After all, Indian gold jewelry is much preferred by people from all walks of life in India – particularly the Hindu and Jain sectors. Gold jewelry is worn while celebrating regional festivals. Gifting of gold jewelry in India is a very old practice too. This practice is deeply ingrained in case of Indian marriage rituals, wherein the bridge is gifted gold jewelry. Such jewelry is also gifted in case of child births.

indian gold jewelry-thesuperblifeThere are different types of Indian gold jewelry in the market. These are necklaces, earrings, rings, bands, bangles, bracelets, rings, nose rings and so on. Sarpech or the head gear is a very popular type of ornament worn by women since the medieval times. Kadas or gold bangles are also commonly worn by women in India. These are generally encrusted with uncut diamonds on the outer side in order to add a touch of lavishness. Another popular form of gold jewelry would be Vanki. This is worn on the arm without straining it. The lotus motif is traditionally used for Vankis. Gold Naths, or nose-rings, are in huge demand too, particularly in case of Maharashtra. In case of South India, the most common gold ornament worn by women is the Jadanagam. Also known as hair-serpent, these are ornaments worn by women during special occasions such as marriage. The Hathphool or Panchangala is also a very popular form of gold jewelry.

Jewelry designs in India are very intricate and these have always formed a very popular combination with Indian women. In India, jewelry is commonly matched with attire. To make the gold jewelry even more appealing, it is generally encrusted with diamonds. In comparison to other jewelry in the market, gold jewelry definitely finds a special place with the people in India. Thus, even when the price of gold has increased tremendously, there seems to be no effect on the demand of gold jewelry.

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