9 Unknown Secrets on How to Hire A Great Wedding DJ


The most important part in a wedding reception is the music. A wedding DJ can either make or break a wedding ceremony. One may think finding a DJ is a simple task — a lot of decisions have to be made thus making the whole processes complicated. Below are tips to finding a good DJ:

1) Get DJ Referrals and References

You can get referrals of a good DJ from the caterer, photographer, tuxedo rental company or the car-hire company you are using. Most of these people have been around so many DJs over the years and know the best one, since they all are in the same type of business. Alternatively, you can look for one on the internet as well.

2) Personality

Do not hire a DJ with a bad personality. Make sure that you are comfortable to be around him/her. The person should also be comfortable with your guests. Do not go for someone who is tribal or stereotypical. The person should be courteous, since they will have to communicate with your guest at one point, especially when requesting for songs.

3) Never Hire a DJ Out-of-Sight or Without Seeing Their Video

When looking for the perfect DJ, make a list of all potential ones and do a pre-screening interview over the phone. The interview should include their fees and conditions. When you have made decision and found the right one, set-up a face to face meeting. If they cannot make it, meet in person and then ask for their recent reception videos to make a thorough decision. Do not hire anyone without seeing their work.

4) What to Ask Your DJ and their Price

After finding the perfect DJ, who is experienced, has a great personality and available to meet in person, there are some things you need to go over to ensure your reception will be smooth and memorable. A good one will be willing to go over them without feeling like they are being bothered. Ask about their prices and how much they charge for overtime.

5) Check-Out the Equipment

This is the most important step when choosing the right DJ. Ask about the condition and quality of their equipment. Make sure it is working and their set up is organized. Ask them if they have backup pieces of equipment or an extra ones in case of breakdowns or when other unforeseen problems arise, he/she can fix it quickly.

6) Names of the Guests and the Pronunciation

Go over the names of the invited members. Since the DJ will be introducing the guests, give them a phonetic spelling of the unusual names. Also give them the correct description of who the guests are to avoid uncomfortable situations and apologies. It would ruin your ceremony, if the mother-in-law were to be introduced as a neighbor.

7) Extensive Music Library

Find out the type of CDs the DJ uses and their music library. Ask how they will quickly find songs in case of requests from the guests. A lot of DJs are now using digitized equipment, and they do not have to carry a whole stack of CDs around anymore. A good wedding DJ can read the guests moods and know which songs to play to light-up the moment, if need be.

8) Plan Your Special Songs

Go over what song will be played at different points of the evening. The first dance song is a special one because it is between the bride and the groom. The second one is between the bride and her dad; and lastly, the third dance is between the groom and his mother. If your DJ is experienced, they will help you select the best songs.

You can have your guests write their request songs in advance to help the DJ search and organize them. In case for karaoke, your DJ should come with a good set-up as well. Guests love karaoke (especially when they are already tipsy =)), so make sure all equipment are working to avoid frustrations.

9) The Contract

Lastly, the DJ contract is crucial. Do not sign the contract without reading and understanding. The contract should have a date, your name and the DJ’s, location, time fees, all accepted songs, what should not be played, and over time charges. No switching of DJ is allowed, but the contract should have a replacement in case the DJ gets sick. Both you and the DJ should sign the agreement.

In Conclusion

Remember, this is your special night and you want it to be a memorable one. Aside from the obvious expense, there should be no reason why a DJ will ruin your night, if you follow these simple tips.

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