7 Best Makeup Artist Schools in the United States

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With the existence of a wide range of makeup artist schools available, pursuing an education in cosmetic application and design can be quite an exciting and easy adventure. Ranging from the simple to the complex, makeup education program offers a wide variety of exposure to the concepts that are necessary to become a professional makeup artist.

With plenty of options and expenses in your hand, take your time to carry out a thorough research and examine the programs classes and opportunities. Before you hand in your hand earned cash, be discerning to know what type of school you are committing yourself to.

Here are some of the most well-known schools that provide training programs specifically makeup artistry:

1) Joe Blasco Makeup School

Just as the name suggest, Joe Blasco is a name that is highly respected in the makeup industry and the entire makeup artist schools that bear his name are absolutely among the well-known makeup artistry training programs that exist in the US.

The unique programs offered at the Joe Blasco Makeup School are designed to meet the training needs of those individuals who are well prepared to work in the entertainment industry as makeup artists. The schools have locations in California, and Orlando, Hollywood as well as in Florida.

2) Elegance International

Elegance International School of Professional Makeup which is located in Hollywood, California was the first accredited professional school of make up in the US. Since its beginning, the school has continuously offered highly respected training programs that are designed to teach students the skills and techniques that are necessary to succeed in this highly competitive makeup industry.

In addition, Elegance International offers continuous education courses and master classes.

3) Westmore Academy at Empire

Located in Burbank, California Westmore Academy is owned by Martin Westmore who is a third generation makeup artist. This academy mainly focuses on the creative side of makeup artistry and offers programs for individuals with a variety of goals in their careers.

Breakdown of the program include option for those who have a passion to work in the entertainment industry as well as those interested in salon or bridal makeup careers.

4) The Art of Beauty Makeup School

World renowned for her unique an innovative use of color, Linda Mason who is a makeup artist shares her skills in small group of classes and also private lessons. Each and every lesson begins with a bit of demonstration followed by applications with her offering plenty of personal attention. Her training programs ensure students of all levels will gain valuable knowledge and experience with these amazing classes.

5) Douglas Education Center

If you have interest in special effects and movie makeup, the Douglas Education Center located in Monessen, Pennsylvania is home to some of the special makeup effects program by Tom Savini. It is generally a 16 month Associate degree program that is designed most particularly for those who desire to work in special effects makeup for performances as well as movies.

It entails training on application on makeup and variety of topics on special effects including animation fabrication, mold making as well as exhibit and display design.

6) Cinema Makeup School

Located in Los Angeles, California Cinema Makeup School offers training programs in many different aspects in the makeup field. These programs include options that provide training specifically to high fashion, working in beauty, digital effects, special effects, prosthetics and many more. Every single training program emphasizes on providing students with the best skills needed to work in the entertainment industry.

7) Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

The Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry which is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida offers unique programs in Production Makeup Industry, Freelance Makeup Industry, Fashion Makeup Artistry as well as a Skin Care Program. Workshops are also available for those who want to enroll for one.

In Conclusion

Well, of all the industries in United States, makeup artistry is one of the fastest growing. Putting in the time and effort at one of the best makeup artist schools in the US, an individual would soon be on the right track to a long and lucrative career. This particular career can be a bit challenging and time demanding but the presence of the best makeup artist schools has come to the aid of most individuals. I can guarantee that the rewards far outweigh any perceived negative aspects.

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