The Best Productivity Apps of 2016 — So Far

With the technology that is used in today’s society, it is easier to stay focused and on task. There are many apps that can be used to help make our day run smoother and more productive. These apps could be anything that can assist in remembering appointments, taking notes, and working on the go.

Being able to have an app that is useful with the touch of a button, is wonderful tool to have. Some people may not be aware of all the apps available that can save time and frustration in everyday activities.

So here are a few simple apps that can be used to help keep daily tasks functioning properly:

1) Awesome Notes

This app provides notes and lists to put important information into and is able to be saved. The font and style of the notes can be changed to easily stay prioritized. Anytime that you need to remember a phone number or grocery list, this is a handy app to have. This app is available on iPhone.

2) Do Note

The Do Note app is an iPhone app that is very resourceful. It has a trigger that can update status, notes, and calendars. The app can even control a smart device, such as a thermostat. This app has numerous uses that can make life more productive, and can be an asset with time management. The Do Note has many qualities that can definitely improve productivity.

3) Easily Do

Easily Do is very handy and can save time in everyday events. The features this app has is similar to having your own virtual assistant. This assistant is right at your fingertips and will do tasks for you.

It will assist with emails, contact lists, address books, social media statuses, updating calendars, and finding information that can be useful to you online.

For example, it will post a birthday status for someone who has an upcoming birthday. It will remind you of events and important dates in advance.

The best part about this multitasking app is it is free to use. It can easily be downloaded from the iPhone store for fast and convenient use. This app will keep you on your toes, but be extremely productive with less effort.

4) Evernote Scannable

This scanning app can save hours of time and help keep you organized. It is able to scan documents, pictures, cards, itineraries, and much more with the phone’s camera. It’ll keep you up to date on the latest meeting notes, updated work information, and much more.

There is no need to worry about finding a PC and printer to get all your important information scanned, saved, and emailed when this app is installed. It’s very effective anytime you need to send a quick copy of documentation in short notice. This app will keep you moving and working productively with ease.

5) Google Docs

The Google Docs app can be used to edit work that is saved on Google Drive. Anyone who has a Google Drive account can use Google Docs to make any changes to the files or document saved on the drive.

Google Docs also allows users to create new word documents, and the storage of these types of document creations will not decrease the storage capacity in your google account either. This allows users to be more productive when they are on the go and need to update last minute information.

6) Timeful

Timeful is an app that will be your own secretary. It will tell you what times you have available in your calendar for other appointments — if you want to find time to put an activity or class in your schedule. The app informs you of the best time to start a new activity and how long you will have available to be involved in the new event.

This app assists with keeping you from double planning and from overflowing your day with too many tasks. The more the app is being used, the more it will learn what is better suggested for you.

When inputting tasks that you want to do, this gives the app more knowledge about what you like and don’t like. Finally, the app is able to keep a record of what you are doing, and how often you are doing it. It learns your habits and understands how to calculate the best time frame for you to use.

Pretty cool, huh?

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