5 Reliable Debt Consolidation Companies

Considering the ease at which most people are able to get credit and loans nowadays, it may be very easy to lose track of your debts and consequently fail at debt management.

Debt consolidation, however, brings all debts and loans together to create a single loan. This act to the debtors’ convenience as the loans can be better managed and hence serviced easily and quickly.

However, the convenience in debt consolidation relies primarily on the competence of the debt consolidation company. Here are five trustworthy debt consolidators in the market today:

1. National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief was formally certified as a debt consolidation company in 2007. It offers debt consolidation services for people with over $7,500 in unsecured debts. The company creates custom debt consolidation and financial solution plans for each client.

Clients can reach out to the company either online or via the phone. Once connected, each client is assigned a debt counselor who offers free advice about the client’s specific debt problem and how to approach it. The client can then proceed to decide whether to work with the company or not.

For people looking to utilize this company’s services, a debt consolidation plan is formulated specifically for you without upfront fees. The terms of the plan will, however, be discussed with you and will affect factors like repayment period and interest rate.

2. Savvy Money

Among other debt consolidation companies, Savvy Money uses an entirely unique and different approach to debt consolidation. The company formulates a debt consolidation plan for each client depending on their individual debts.

To do this, the company makes use of information like debt repayment history, the amount of debt either in debit/credit cards, mortgages and loans among others.

This data is compiled and a plan formulated almost instantly. The plan shows details like: monthly payments, total payment, and how much you stand to save among others.

The company, however, has a minimum monthly repayment rate for each client and those who are not able to reach it, are easily and quickly directed to other companies which facilitate this.

3. Care One Debt Relief ServicesSM

This is a conglomerate of diverse debt consolidation companies. To ensure top notch quality services and an upper hand in the competition, the company ensures thorough vetting of other debt consolidation service providers who may be wishing to join the conglomerate.

The company strives to offer convenience to its clients, offering consolidation for debts as low as $2,500. Applying for services is also easy. All that’s required from the clients is information on the different natures of the debts and other relevant information.

A debt consolidation plan is then issued for free, and clients may then choose to enlist the company’s services or not.

4. CuraDebt

This company has a long history and hence, immense experience behind it having been in operation since 1996. CuraDebt specializes in offering debt consolidation services for unsecured and/or tax debts exceeding $10,000.

The company offers free consultation where clients get to speak to a debt counselor. The relevant information is sourced and a comprehensive debt consolidation plan provided for free. From the plan, the client can tell the total amount to be paid, the monthly payments, and the interest among other issues.

The company also provides advice on related fields like tax debt clearance and debt management to clients and non-clients also.

5. Prosper

Prosper has a rich history behind it. It was founded in 2006 and has so far facilitated about $300 million worth of debts from private investors and businesses. The company provides a loan to clear your scattered debts, allowing you to focus on the new loan.

The different debts, for which loans are issued, range from $2,000 to $25,000 and rates also vary at times; but are generally lower as compared to other lending institutions.

Applying for a loan with Prosper is easy as all that’s required from the debtor is information concerning:

• The amount owned in debts.

• The credit score range.

• Social security number and associated information.

The company may also ask personal questions in its bid to determine the debtor’s suitability.

Final Thoughts

These are among the best rated and accomplished debt consolidation companies in the market. Depending on the size of your debts and other factors like credit rating and income, these companies are guaranteed to offer comprehensive debt consolidation services at the best rates in the market.

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