3 Simple Truths for New Bloggers

Are you an aspiring blogger?

If so, please read on…

Unless you live under a rock, I’m sure when browsing the internet, you’ve came across a variety of blogs.

Blogs are everywhere because they’re easy to create (technical difficulty ranges from easy to medium); search engines love them due to their dynamics (you need to constantly provide content for your blog to rank); and with the right tools, they can be quite attractive.

But creating a beautiful blog is one thing – being a blogger is a whole different story.

So before purchasing that domain name and hosting service, take a moment to understand what defines a blogger and what it takes to become one.

Bloggers Are Not Writers

Contrary to what you may believe, bloggers are not like writers. Though you may have to do a lot of writing and be competent at it as well, you’re not producing a manuscript, essay, or the type of writing taught in schools – primarily because blog readers are different.

When visitors arrive to a blog, they both search for information and entertainment. They look for tips or advice on how to solve a certain problem(or problems); or may have stumbled on your site due to searching on a particular topic.

Usually, they follow blogs that are entertaining or provide meaning in their life. So if someone recommended your blog to their family and friends because of its friendly, easy-going, and entertaining nature, then more likely they’ll be following your blog for a long time.

If it makes a significant impact in their lives, then it’s worth reading and sharing.

Bloggers Have a Voice

Although any normal writer utilizes all three narratives in their writing, a blogger mostly uses first and second person to deliver content. This is because blogs create connections and engagement with their readers – as opposed to reading a book or newspaper, per se.

Bloggers also need to write content that is personal, provides their own views on a topic (or topics), and deliver’s a story that’s unique to them – even on posts that may be controversial or newsworthy material.

The tone has to be portrayed in a friendly and conversational manner, so the reader can identify with what you’re trying to convey to them. This result in a more interesting and impactful read.

When you can touch readers in this manner, not only do you set yourself apart from all the millions of blogs already out there, but your content can create a life-changing experience as well. You’re not only delivering information…you’re creating relationships.

Bloggers Can’t Be Boring

Earlier I mentioned that blogging is also meant to entertain. This is so readers will both share your post and come back wanting more. If your blog or content is the same like any other blog out there, then more likely, there’s no need to visit it.

Why would someone invest time in your blog when the information can be found elsewhere and/or a connection has already been made with another blogger?

Regardless, your personality needs to be evident in every word of that article posted in your blog.

Yes, you can’t be friends with everyone and not everyone will see eye-to-eye with you; but there are those that do have similar tastes and will support you for a long time.

So never give up; instead, keep moving forward.

Final Thoughts

So before you start blogging on a niche or topic that you’re passionate about, ensure you plan-out how you intend to deliver content.

Are you going to use videos, images, podcasts, quizzes, games, giveaways, or all of them, in your blog?

Or are you just going to write plain, boring content?

Remember, readers stay and share what you have to say when they find your content useful and informative – much like watching a movie.

If the movie sucks, then either the viewer leaves in the middle of the showing, or leaves in the end upset or discouraged. This can be the same for your blog, if you’re not careful

So spice-it-up a little, but don’t overdo it. Overdoing it can be just as bad as well.

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