10 Positive Ways to Live The Superb Life



It’s gloriously sunny outside or dreadfully dark and cold, or perhaps even wet wild and gloomy.

But, we’ve woken up to a brand new day, one we haven’t met before and the possibilities are endless!


And make a resolution just for today.

I will start and end my day with a smile – I WILL smile through this new time frame of 24 hours of MY life.

Only today I will remember to keep smiling, (you never know, just might become a good habit!). Lets remind ourselves of the medical and non medical benefits of smiling…

It calms us down while encouraging well-being, releases endorphins in the CNS  and decreases stress, helps us relax and increases productivity, besides of course making us look and feel better and improving our face value, it’s contagious and sends a message of trust and comfort to the onlooker; to name a few, phew!

So please 🙂 and spread the 🙂 🙂

Hug Someone You Love or Don’t Love

Yes, lets get physical with our genuine affection and appreciation right now! It’s a positive exchange of energy- the gesture demonstrates support/empathy/nurturing/emotion; it heals any feelings of isolation, separation, even hostility the other may have towards you; relaxes the muscles and lowers BP/heart-rate/stress; makes both the receiving and giving end feel safe  and even cared for.

Now there’s no compromising that, is there?

Breathe Deep and Intensely

Extensive research and eastern wisdom confirm the multifarious benefits of oxygenating the brain with deep, intense breathing. It eliminates disclarity of mind and any angst one might be suffering; is cathartic so helps clean up mental garbage from the inside; brings in vitality and energy with every lungful of fresh air; creates more awareness within while anchoring to the present moment; improves and uplifts the mood, induces a relaxed state which enables one to think clearly and handle life-situations better. Lets just get out into the greens and do what we do every moment of our living lives, just with the awareness of it.

Go For A Brisk Walk

To work or just around the block or take a focused exercise break.

And how will this help me ?

It will increase my heart rate while decreasing bad cholesterol and BP; decrease osteoporosis and other disease risks; strengthen and improve bone density and muscle health; help me reduce weight, (Yea!!!!!), as a side effect that is, and make me healthier, naturally; give me better shapely arms if I swing them just right while doing so; increase energy and stamina. So if I walk single or in a group, this moderately-intense-aerobic workout is going to make me happier with every thousandth step (proven medically).

What do I have to lose?

Thou Shalt De-clatter

We’ve heard cleanliness is close to Godliness.


Well for first things, clutter saps up our energy, confuses us, makes us disorganized, produces immense strain just having it around and by merely looking at it, and can even go to the extent of making us feel unclean. Not too conducive for any personal god to reside therein. So de-cluttering is a good option to be considered. Start small: follow the Zen Habit (Leo Babauta) rule – 10 minutes at a time.

Just simplify.


Thing by thing, step by step.

Creating space is equivalent to creating cleanliness, plus we feel less weighed down; there is an instant positive flow of energy which you Will feel if you’re sensitive enough; and the added benefits of feeling clearer and calmer.

Remember my rule: Minimalism controls Materialism.

Golden words!!

With the feel good factor of having accomplished this, we find ourselves returning to the same stimulus again and again, and tend to care better for leftovers. Also try de-cluttering life after you’ve finished with the tangible things that occupy it.

Today, I practice Good Nutrition

Only for today, (that’s a bribe), I will eat mindfully, strictly meaning No Junk/ No Sugar/ Minimum Fat. I will take smaller portions on a more frequent scale, say average every 2.5 hours, and watch what I put on my plate. I will choose nice , fresh, preferably organic  green salads, fat free milk, sugar free beverages, no alcohol (remember its only 24 hours), opt for lean meats, better still fish, better still cottage cheese, bright and colorful veggies ( which are specifically un-canned and again preferably organic), whole grain breads and brown rice.

For dessert, I shall feast on a platter of varied fresh fruit.


Nurture Nature

Since we swam out of the womb of the oceans and crawled on land even before prehistory, natures been nurturing us.

Its payback time – Today.

So, lets water a shrub, a creeper, a plant or a tree. Better still, plant one today. It takes only a seed you know – just those tiny embryos that contain within them the potential oak. And those puny fountainheads when embedded in a little patch of fertile earth will reduce global warming and our criminal carbon footprints, generate more oxygen, clean and cool the air, help soil conservation….. and so on.

So much for so less! Lets love nature back- she’s waiting and wanting….

Give Something

Let’s be spontaneous today and give unto others. And it need not be material, though matter is good too. Some of the best gifts are intangible. But we already know that.

Let’s focus on the generosity of giving things that will uplift our self-esteem,  trigger the dopamine hormone to make us feel euphoric in our charity (and make us glow in its after math), causing a paradigm shift from our personal plagues to the joys of the receiver.

So what can we give?

We all have something to give.

A cent, a dollar, a gift with a pretty ribbon over lovely wrapping paper…

How about stuff we never took a second look at and abandoned but which the other so much needs, or perhaps even an opportunity for something that empowers somebody in a way, like a single chance; never mind what – just GIVE.

Use All My Gadgets/Apps/Social Media

Yes, I’ll take some time, say about just 5 minutes, to use either of  the above for someone/something other than Me-Myself-I.


I will text/ mail/ message/ tweet/ FB someone I haven’t met up with in a long time : friends, mates, BFF’s, one-nighters, parents, grand-parents, neighbors (previous or present), extended family, long-lost contacts……whosoever, and bring a smile of wonder and joy to their faces (and hearts hopefully).

No one on that list?

Despair not.

I will Like/Trend/Pin and the like, something or someone I don’t know personally, but knowing it  will help the other – be it a cause, an institution or an individual. I can. I will.

I am doing it now!

Power Pray

Just before I crash into bed tonight or jump into sex, I will Pray, and positively so (translate as no vendetta/complaint/curse calls).

Don’t have a personal god to pray to?

Haven’t heard of JC, Buddha, Moses, Mohammed, Mary, Zarathustra, Vishnu?

Never mind.

Pray to existence, to the Higher Good, The Divinity…give it any fancy name, but just pray.

We can’t live egoistic, anthropocentric lives all our life – we need to trust in something that’s higher and bigger and above us, all and everything, the power that runs the infinite universe, you know.

Gratitude is the best form of prayer- so it has been said.

Try it.

Prayer is restorative, invokes spiritual wisdom should we but listen in silence, is healing, upgrades our vibrations to the next level and fine tunes our frequencies with higher energy, bringing out our inner compassion, empathy, love and care.

Have nothing to pray for?

Even Better!

Intercede on someone else’s behalf. See how empowered and elevated you feel.


This is not an ultimate list. It was made of elements that are relevant to most of us in our daily lives, elements that we simply ignore or overlook, but those that are so essential all the same. And I’m no expert, just like you and everyone else, I’m just learning from life daily.

By observation and experience, by trial and error, with joy and with sorrow. Neither do we have to do all the things all at once, can be  so overwhelming, I know. But if we just brushed past the bullets, say two a day, more or less as possible, this much I can guarantee you as a liver of an ordinary life that I am blessed with, YOU WILL smile too, my friend! Just like I did.

Don’t like the list?

No problem, make one of your own!


And share it with me/us too, please. I’m waiting to learn from you as much as you’re willing to share.

The only major motivation is/was to make one feel happy at the end of the day, and now- the moment we try it out.  Try it, these are the positive endeavors that make our life even more positive.

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